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This Bob Snodgrass skull bead is the first official sale from  

I have been fortunate to work with the Snodgrass Family the past few years through my time working at Witch DR. 

I started working at the shop about 8 years ago. I had known Derek & PC since we were kids and I would come around during the demo process to hang out, drink 40s and share laughs. I had recently quit my corporate job, which I had been working at for the previous 5 years, and had no idea what I would be doing with my future. All I knew then was that life was too short to be wasted and I was ready to start following my passions more than I followed security. I saw my friends starting something exciting and I wanted nothing more than to help them be successful. Derek and PC brought me in to help work on the weekends at the counter. At the time we opened, the crew that held down the retail side, in addition to Derek and PC, was mostly Jordan, Johnny & Clue (though many others filled in and helped when we needed an extra hand). In time, the shop added Rob, Rubin, Ronnie, Shayne, Meag + Denny to more long-term retail positions, and had lots of help from Geraldo & Connor throughout. All these DRs lent their own perspective & contributions - each loved glass with all their heart.

We all agreed if we were going to run a retail business we had to put customer service as our #1 priority; I still hold this to be paramount in business big or small, and I can’t thank the team enough for teaching me that. The support we received from other shops and customers was overwhelming. We spent the next 8 years trying our best to create an environment that amplified the art being created by talented artists near and far. 

Throughout the life of the shop, lots of changes have occurred both in the larger industry and also among ourselves. The years of building have been an amazing experience, but in the process we also lost our brother PC; His loss hurts us all every day. 

When I decided to start working on this project I was nervous to approach the team about the idea. We had all worked together to build something and a big part of me felt I was abandoning them. I talked to Derek about the idea first and instead of being upset about the prospect of one of his own going off from the group he was excited for me and immediately asked how he could help.

Upon receiving his confidence I got to work setting everything up, using the skills I learned during my time at the shop. Throughout the process Derek would keep checking in to see how the process was going and offering encouragement on my progress. Upon launching the site at 1 AM this past Tuesday I gave Derek a shout: I was excited to share the development with my friend. Within minutes Derek had purchased the Bob Snodgrass bead shown in this post, giving me my first official web sale. 

Thank you to my brothers, & sister : ), at Witch DR for always offering me support & advice as friends first. For anyone following this account that may not follow or know about Witch DR yet please show them so some love; I would not be here today working on my own business had it not been for their encouragement & support.


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