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When it came time to create a logo, I knew I most wanted to work with Pyroscopic. Through the years we have hung out together at many different glass events & in addition to appreciating him as a person, I am a big fan of the art he creates. I wasn’t sure what I wanted the logo to look like at first but I was sure, whatever I decided on, Connor would be the best person to work with on realizing that vision + executing on it. 

    Our first logos came out slick and professional. In reflecting on the images, I tried my best to dig into myself and bring my own experience to the design. When I really thought about what this plant was in my life, I couldn’t help but reflect on the stigma it always seemed to carry with it when I was younger. Upon thinking about the feelings the logo evoked I started to think about things that were important to me at this earlier time in my life, when it was still highly stigmatized by many in authority positions. Today, however, we have a thriving cannabis industry and it's heartbreaking to see American prisons full of so many people that were introduced to that system through personal possession of that same plant. These rumblings made me feel uncomfortable with projecting something so clean when I felt such conflict about how the industry itself was now seen as so clean, since it is now generating so much tax money for the states. I felt our current day was still reckoning with our past in major ways, and I wanted to be sure this logo reflected a character not yet outside that stigma but equipped with today's technology. When Connor and I started talking about bringing the past to the current day we began looking for eye catching designs to play with, which led us to this final design. The image for me is about bringing our former selves to the current day & striking a healthy balance between them. When I look at the logo I see the mischievous kid I used to be still here today, though now hopefully a little wiser. If this character exists in two times he is now enjoying the legality of marijuana while always being aware of the stigma carried with it for so long.

    This logo / project is something you will be seeing updated periodically & I am excited to share with you all wherever this one takes us. Thank you for stopping by and checking out this website.


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